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Roopa serves as an arranger, composer, and ensemble leader in varied projects with musicians, dancers, and theater artists. In addition to working for the stage, Roopa frequently uses penchance for theater, dance, and comedy to speak on issues of culture, politics, and community (Desi Vote, Carnatic Workout, BRM Fusion).  

Roopa has participated as a vocalist/composer in the 2019 Hedgebrook Singer/Songwriter Residency and the Resonant Bodies program at the Banff Center for Creativity in the Arts.


Roopa’s most recent compositional work is for Unfiltered, a dance production by Rasika Kumar, Sahasra Sambamoorthi, and Nadhi Thekkek exploring issues of harassment, inspired by conversations from the #metoo movement.


Original composition “Isai Arul Thaaye” for NPR’s Tiny Desk Competition, sung by Navatman Music Collective 

Arranger of “Spring Revival,” composition for vocal quartet and instrumental ensemble exploring themes of resilience through Indian classical and gospel soundscapes


Worked with composer Esin Gunduz on a new music work for a vocal duo “Sense of Energy” 

Thillana in raga Kapi composed by Roopa Mahadevan for Navatman Music Collective, celebrating the power of music to connect people.

"Roopa Mahadevan‘s live score was every bit as compelling, to the point where it could easily be adapted as a stand-alone concert suite."

- New York Music Daily



Composer for children’s musical theater piece “Drumming a Dream,” for Preeti Vasudevan, New Victory LabWorks Artist, New Victory Theater, New York ( 2019)

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Composer/Vocalist for short interlude between Act I and II of Seeta Patel’s re-imagining of the Rite of Spring, London (2019)

Original composition on Ardhanarishwara (ode to the male and female energies of Siva), for dancer Malini Srinivasan

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