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Roopa is one of the five artists selected for the 2020 Joe’s Pub Working Group residency.

JOE'S PUB WORKING GROUP(JPWG) aims to enrich the sustainability and growth of New York-based emerging and established artists’ careers by providing administrative resources, physical space and curatorial services, further cultivating a community atmosphere wherein those artists can create and sustain new and developing work.

The program was concieved to address the rapidly shifting state of the performing arts and help artists at a critical point in their careers. “Being an independent performing artist comes with a lot of responsibilities and needs beyond purely making art. This program is a way for us to address and decipher those things for artists in a space that is accessible and inclusive,” said Alex Knowlton, Director of Joe's Pub. The 2020 JPWG cohort is comprised of: Salty Brine, Sarah Elizabeth Charles, Jaime Lozano, Roopa Mahadevan, and Kirsten Maxwell. Alumni of the Joe's Pub Working Group includes: Migguel Anggelo, Trevor Bachman, Bridget Barkan, Becca Blackwell, Yacine Boulares, Dan Fishback, Ali Grieb, Celisse Henderson, Juliette Jones, Larry Krone, Treya Lam, Danny Lipsitz, Dana Lyn, Erin Markey, Stephanie McKay, Michael Mwenso, Trish Nelson, Isaac Oliver, Samora Abayomi Pinderhughes, Courtnee Roze, Kaylyn Marie Scardefield, Tori Scott, Shaina Taub, Ike Ufomadu, and Julian Velard


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